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Juma Announcements & Khateeb Schedule



Juma announcement

Announcements:  To request an announcement be made during Juma prayer times, submit your written request in advance (minimum three business days please) to operations@isnacanada.com Management reserves the right to final approval and changes for all announcements.

Khateeb Schedule 2016Click to view the juma khateebs schedule for 2016

Khateeb Schedule 2017: Click to view the Juma Khateebs schedule for 2017

Special Friday Parking note re Finfar Court:  Parking is available on the west side of the road (which is the right hand side when you are entering the road) and also up to half circle at the end of the road.  Please ensure to follow this strictly as per the posted signs.  Please do not park anywhere else illegally.   This arrangement has now been approved beyond the initial trial period of 6 months in 2015.  Anyone parking in surrounding areas should be on the best parking behaviour. (Click on this paragraph to see map and more information).


JUMA’A ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friday, August 26, 2016

1) Please move forward and fill in the gaps. Also note the regular bus service we provide has designated parking in the

front of the car park – please do not park in the bus reserved spots or remove the cones – especially for staff and our

bus parking spaces.

2) No unauthorized distribution or posting of flyers on our premises at any time or on parked cars. All unauthorized

flyers will be removed and discarded. Please visit our website for the flyer distribution policy.

3) For any Volunteer who signed in and helped us during Ramadan, your volunteer letters are ready for pick from our

head office upstairs. Visit us from 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday and we will be pleased to help.

4) The next Sunday monthly lecture will be held on Sunday, August 28 at 2PM.  The speaker is Dr. Ali Barghouthi who

will be speaking on Islam & Extremism.  Free admission, refreshments, and babysitting.  All are welcome.

5) A full time position is available for a Muslim slaughter person to do zabiha halal slaughter of beef and lamb. Please

see the bulletin board or visit the ISNA office to pick up information.

6) ISNA Canada is also looking to hire a full time receptionist/administrator, please see our website for more


7) The Canadian Forum Muslim is asking help from the community to Condemn Islamophobia. This initiative is

sponsored and supported at the federal government level – please help stand for human values. View the posters and

sign the online petition to condemn Islamophobia in Canada.

8) MuslimFest, celebrating the best in Muslim art and entertainment, invites you to the Mississauga Celebration Square

this weekend - August 27-28, 2016. Featuring Maher Zain, Preacher Moss, Dawud Wharnsby and more. Come with

family & friends to enjoy comedy, Islamic songs, spoken word, films, art exhibit, creative workshops, fun village,

pony rides, and multicultural food and bazaar. FREE Admission! Visit www.MuslimFest.com to learn more

9) ISNA Canada is hosting the Eid al-Adha Festival & Dinner, please do join us with family and friends on Saturday,

September 24 th , 2016 from 6-9PM,

10) The Muslim Neighbourhood Nexus organization has secured 5 acres of land to establish an Islamic centre in the

neighbourhood of Churchill meadows, Lisgar & Erin Mills west. They are looking for urgent funding to help with the

closing costs. Please contact them at mnnexus.ca to find out more information and offer your support.

11) This month, food was given out to over 500 families, most of whom were refugees.  We need basmati rice, all-

purpose flour, and oil.  Or you can give a cash donation in the collection box located outside the food bank in the


12) The Clear Quran - an easy to follow Arabic to English translation of the Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab is now in the

ISNA Book Store. Visit the store for Books, Ladies Abayas, Scarves and Men's Thobes, Zamzam, Honey and Dates.

13) Don’t forget to make dua’a for all the sick and suffering around the world.

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