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ISNA Halal Certification Services

Since 1988 ISNA® Canada has been providing Halal Certification Services (HCS) to the Muslim communities not only in Canada and the United States but throughout the Muslim world. ISNA® Canada developed its Halal Logo to be put on the packages certified by it to assure the Muslims that package contains the Halal food.

Certification work has expanded considerably to provide a better and credible assurance for all kinds of Halal food for the Muslims not only in Canada but for the rest of the world.

HCS is entrusted with the responsibilities of Halal Food certification being produced and manufactured in Canada in the United States and is branded with the ISNA® Canada Halal Logo.

From 2017, any Halal Certification, previously undertaken by ISNA® Halal Certification Agency (HCA) is transferred to ISNA Canada - Halal Certification Services (HCS).



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