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Funeral Services

The Islamic Center of Canada provides funeral services at the Masjid located in Mississauga, in the ISNA Canada Head Quarters.

Funeral Services

Our knowledgeable and highly motivated staff and volunteers (sisters and brothers) are always ready to help with the funeral services, which includes:

  • Transportation of the Deceased (from the place of death to the ISNA Masjid and from the Masjid to the cemetery)
  • GHUSUL (Washing / Bathing body), shrouding and providing the casket
  • Offering Salat-Janaza (Funeral Prayer) 

View further information on procedures and costs or call 905 403 8406 Extension 240 (Funeral Service Office) or email us.

For emergency after hours service call 416 904 5850 (cell). 

Note:  Ontario Works may cover the cost of funeral services including transfer of the deceased from the place of  death (click to view further information)


If you wish to receive emails about the funerals/janaza prayers at ICC please register by sending an email to funeralservice@isnacanada.com