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Our Goals

  1. To foster the unity of all committed Muslims to fulfill their role in North America
  2. To assist in building dynamic, stable, Muslim communities in North America
  3. To promote the establishment of full-time Islamic schools and aid in their administration
  4. To develop da’wah material and promote da’wah activities, including material and activities for new Muslims
  5. To promote and aid in the organization of activities aimed at involving Muslims in social issues confronting North America
  6. To promote and organize youth activities aimed at socializing and training youth about Islam and their future leadership role
  7. To assist in the education and training of Muslims in Islamic knowledge and community building skills and to establish educational institutions that will fulfill that purpose
  8. To assist communities in developing economic programs and to organize economic institutions that will serve the financial needs of Muslims
  9. To encourage and assist Muslim communities in becoming involved in the political process and to help establish institutions for that purpose
  10. To represent the Islamic point of view and speak out for Muslims on the national level whether it be in government, media or religious institutions
  11. To assist communities in nurturing strong and stable Muslim families
  12. To provide fiqh answers and solutions to the many issues and problems that confront Muslims in North America
  13. To promote and support provisional and specialized organizations that will be a means of mobilizing selected segments of the Muslim community

To aid Muslim causes in the Muslim world by influencing the governmental policy of the U.S. and Canada and providing moral and material support 

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